NASA Technology Soars at Selfridge Air Show

NASA’s Glenn Research Center staff traveled to Michigan for the Selfridge Air National Guard Base air show, open house, and STEAM Expo, June 8 and 9. NASA’s Journey to Tomorrow, a 53-foot traveling exhibit, was a popular feature that showcased exploration in air and space. Additionally, experts from NASA’s Fission Surface Power project shared information on the agency’s current and future work in this area.  

Members of NASA’s SLS (Space Launch System) outreach team supported hands-on engagement in the STEAM Expo hangar. Trudy Kortes, director of Technology Demonstrations for NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, and Lindsay Kaldon, project manager for the Fission Surface Power project, joined the air show’s broadcast to discuss NASA’s Technology Demonstration Missions portfolio and pathways to STEAM careers at NASA.  

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